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Lawsuit news: update on “adverse reactions to shingles vaccine” — 3 Comments

  1. Hello!
    Yes, I’m looking what you can do in Canada about this. I got the vaccine and since than, my health is deteriorating. Joints pain, offul headache, my thyroid is missfunctioning. I’ve been hypo thyroid and suddenly I developed Hashimoto autoimmune disease. My eyes are sufffering too. So, please let me know if you know anything about health Canada reaction to this. Thank you warmly, viera pavuk

    • I’m sorry to hear about that, Viera. Others have commented in the linked article at the top of this post – there are a lot of comments in that article from readers. I don’t know what Health Canada has said, if anything. It may be worthwhile if someone could follow up with a letter to them about their experiences.

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