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    • I heard something vague and disturbing about some activities in Alberta and some kind of ritual abuse cult in the past, I don’t recall what program it was on.

      As far as Canada in general, in other provinces at least, we know there was LSD experimentation in psychiatric institutions. Dr. Abram Hoffer was involved in LSD research, which I’ve seen admitted to in his own books. Also, you probably know about the infamous Ewan Cameron in Montreal.

      All sorts of cults have been operating in Canada in modern times. I was influenced by one in the 80s and I’m sure it was established earlier in Canada. Cults is a bigger topic. Many Christians perceive certain religions based on Christianity as cults, one of which is very established in Alberta.

      auticulture.com has a recent blog series about a more recent group in Edmonton, Alberta, a type of New Age cult

      http://www.anndiamond.net has information on mind control in Canada

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