Policy Themes of Brave New World: Religion, public relations, drugs, transhumanism, evolution doctrine implies inevitability of developments instead of their being the result of planning

By Alan
Edition 2: Nov. 29, 2016

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Charles Galton Darwin: Religious Doctrines as a Policy Tool

In his book, The Next Million Years, Charles Galton Darwin, Fellow of the Royal Society, physicist, grandson of Charles Darwin, and close relative of the Huxley family, refers to the use of religious creeds–not sound facts and reasoning–as policy tools:

They serve to give a continuity to policy far greater than can usually be attained by intellectual conviction.[1]

Referring to the potential goal of creating a biological change in humanity (using the word “man” collectively), Darwin states:

. . . a creed gives the best practical hope that a policy will endure well beyond the life of its author, and so it gives the best practical hope that man can have for really controlling his future fate. [1]

So, the purpose of a religious belief in his view is to produce a result. It’s not about truth.

Transhumanist Religious Agenda: Huxley Family, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Terence McKenna


Celebrities are used to promote agendas and belief systems that lead society in particular directions. Celebrities are not just actors and musicians, but can include, for example, spokespersons for the scientific, literary and academic elite.

In the fields of religion, occultism and philosophy, many Esalen Institute speakers have been prominently featured in the media over the years. See the Wikipedia article on the Esalen Institute [2] for a list of such speakers. Also, some general information on the Esalen Institute is collected in my post On the Esalen Institute: deep change in self & society [3].

Terence McKenna

One example of an Esalen speaker is Terence McKenna, who was featured repeatedly on The Art Bell Show in the 1990s before he died in 2000. I enjoyed listening to McKenna because of his compelling manner of speaking about some amazing subjects, including his alleged encounters with “machine elves” while under the hallucinatory influence of DMT [4].

McKenna promoted hallucinogenic drugs as a type of religious experience [4], and also as a past driver in the evolution of human mental capacity (the “stoned ape” theory [4]). McKenna thought of the Internet as the “global mind” [4]. He also promoted “novelty theory,” “timewave zero,” and the “technological singularity”:

McKenna saw the universe, in relation to Novelty theory, as having a teleological attractor at the end of time, which increases interconnectedness and would eventually reach a singularity of infinite complexity. [4]

Cyber + Spiritual

All of this promotes the thinking that human society and technology just naturally develop in the particular directions we see around us because nature supposedly just works that way, and humans are therefore a product of nature and evolution along with everything we produce.

McKenna can be heard publicizing the idea that modern technology is a natural stage in evolution in some of the podcast episodes at psychedelicsalon.com, for example, the series entitled “Our Cyberspiritual Future” [5].

How can “cyber” and “spiritual” be combined? I don’t believe the technological and the spiritual should ever be confused, but this is an example of the use of religious terminology for the promotion of technology, combined with the idea of evolution.

Instead of the truth that our lives are being planned, directed and interfered with by human agencies (governments, foundations, corporations, think-tanks, etc.), we are supposed to believe that the technology around us–the technology that surveils us, distracts us and modifies us–is just popping out of the ground like some inevitable process of nature.

That concept, as dubious as it is, helps to sell us on the legitimacy of the technology–smart phones for example–and leads us to neglect to investigate its actual legitimacy in terms of its intended purpose, its moral implications, its health implications, also its production in terms of how workers are treated and how pollution is dealt with. If we perceive the technology as being part of an inevitable process of natural development, we don’t see the need to even question it, let alone refuse to participate in it.

The same applies to every historical and media event that occurs or is said to occur. Instead of trying to understand events for whatever they really are–possibly the results of deliberate planning, such as politically sanctioned crimes or even hoaxes–the public is encouraged to perceive such events as random happenings, or even as meaningful steps in a back and forth dialectic conflict, or as part of an inevitable social development as history just “progresses” due to “evolution.”

Even more than that, it’s possible that we are watching others–celebrities–take opposing sides and do all the questioning instead of us. For example, a celebrity, or an alternative media broadcaster or writer (even like me for example) may question genetic modification or test-tube babies, or climate change doctrine, or abortion, or the wars, so that the viewers or readers don’t feel the need to even open their mouths, never mind lift a finger. Someone else has said what they were thinking, so they’re content and placated to some degree, even though the technology, message or policy has not been stopped at all! I think this process goes on all the time, even if it’s unintentional. The question is how can we turn what seems to be a pacifying experience in alternative media into some type of more active opposition.

What was Terence McKenna all about? Who was he? Researcher Jan Irvin (gnosticmedia.com) has pointed out an Esalen session audio recording in which McKenna admits to being “recruited” to an “organization”, and working in “deep background” and “public relations” [6]. If you want to believe a mystical interpretation of McKenna’s confession, you can do that, but you can also be more realistic about it.

Regardless of your interpretation, notice the connection between McKenna’s public relations activity (whoever it’s for) and the religious concepts he promotes. He spreads a kind of religion that makes use of drugs (as in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World religious ceremonies), and that makes use of technology (also in the novel’s religious ceremonies–I’m thinking of the sound system). It is a religion that purports to tell us our future in terms of drugs, technological enhancement and some kind of mysterious mechanism of “evolution” that goes beyond the biological theory. That means it also purports to tell us our origins as intelligent beings in terms of drugs and evolution. So, this is clearly a religious belief system that this public relations professional wants us to adopt. Based on his statements, in my view, he was working for an organization that interferes with and manages the beliefs, attitudes and direction of society.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In addition to being influenced by Aldous Huxley, Terence McKenna admired the scientist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin [7], whose ideas about the universe and human society evolving are similar to McKenna’s.

Teilhard de Chardin promoted the Omega Point Theory. According to Wikipedia:

Like Kurzweil, Teilhard predicts a period of rapid technological change that results in a merger of humanity and technology. He believes that this marks the birth of the noosphere [very similar to McKenna’s idea of the Internet being a “global mind”] and the emergence of the “spirit of the Earth,” but the Teilhardian Singularity comes later. [8]

Notice the religious terminology, including the fact that Teilhard de Chardin was a (heretical) Catholic priest.

In terms of sources of celebrity opposition, possibly false opposition to the Brave New World agenda, I remember first reading about Teilhard de Chardin in Malachi Martin’s book, Hostage to the Devil. Martin was also a Jesuit priest, featured on The Art Bell Show (just like McKenna!), and many of Martin’s positions resonated with me, including his opposition to abortion. However, in retrospect, he was a dubious [9] character with a dubious agenda, telling dubious stories. Martin helped to build up the false left-right paradigm so that even more propaganda victims, believing in an “end-times” apocalypse, can fall into their appropriate slotted categories as supporters of the fake “right-wing” of the power structure.

Julian Huxley

Julian Huxley, Fellow of the Royal Society and brother of Aldous Huxley [10], was one of the originators of transhumanism [11], a new version of eugenics and a humanist, technological substitute for religion and religious ideas such as immortality. Note that Huxley wrestles with how to proceed with eugenics in one of the essays in Man Stands Alone [12].

Despite his being referred to as an “agnostic atheist” [10], Julian Huxley also directly promoted the work of Teilhard de Chardin and his social evolutionary, mystical doctrines.

One of Julian Huxley’s essays in the collection Evolutionary Humanism promotes Teilhard de Chardin [13].

According to Wikipedia:

In the 1950s Huxley played a role in bringing to the English-speaking public the work of the French Jesuit-palaeontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, . . . Both men believed in evolution, but differed in its interpretation as de Chardin was a Christian, whilst Huxley was an unbeliever. [10]

Notice how Huxley plays the public relations role of promoting a fellow social revolutionary to celebrity status, along with his religious and social ideas.

Since Huxley’s grandfather, T. H. Huxley, was instrumental in the promotion of Darwin’s theory of evolution [14], this is another overlap with the Huxley family as far as Teilhard de Chardin’s professional activities as a palaeontologist and geologist who promoted Darwin’s theory of evolution. According to the Wikipedia article on Teilhard de Chardin:

In June 1912 he formed part of the original digging team, with Arthur Smith Woodward and Charles Dawson at the Piltdown site, after the discovery of the first fragments of the (fraudulent) “Piltdown Man”, with some even suggesting he participated in the hoax [7].

As with Terence McKenna, we should notice the public relations aspect in promoting certain scientific discoveries in the media such as Piltdown. Is it objectively news? Or is there an organization very actively pushing the public to adopt the belief system of evolution (religious or not, scientific or not), a theory that purports to tell us our origins and our future, and about our place in the world–in the same way that religion does, except that our status and value as individual human beings and families becomes much less significant.

The extension of the concept of evolution into the social sphere by people like Julian Huxley is intended to lead us to believe that everything that happens in modern human society, such as the proliferation of laws (written by private interests called “lobbyists” like the World Wildlife Fund), the centralization of government, the creation and maintenance of global institutions (not even democratic ones), the debt-based fractional reserve monetary system and international banking institutions that lend to governments, the disguised and not-so-disguised population control policies, the creation of new technologies, various social revolutions of all kinds that attack family life–all of this is implied to be an inevitable result of nature and evolution.

Are the old values of the sacredness of human life replaced with new values? Are scientific “experts” more valuable than we are? Are the fittest the ones who survive? Are the rich and powerful more valuable and important and better than people who have less? Are animals and bugs of equal value to humans? Are there “too many” of us, or too many of the “wrong sort”? Is technology, pharma, mass surveillance, interference with genetics, and global imperialism (rule by international banks, international organizations and the U.S. military) just a natural evolution of society? Has God been replaced by the State and corporate powers? Should we be sacrificing the lives and health of young people in every last war as long as the staging and marketing by the new sources of truth is believable? Is morality relative—in other words, can the powerful do whatever the hell they can get away with, and hoax whatever they want, as long as they have permission from their gang bosses? Is this “progress”?

There is a clear pattern that develops in Julian Huxley’s promotion of eugenics, which becomes transhumanism, along with attempts to control education, his heading of UNESCO, and his and his brother’s promotion of the concept of “overpopulation” and birth control [10], which many people take for granted as solely a good thing.

On education, birth control and population, also see Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited [15]. In Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, entertainment and so-called education is highly sexualized from early childhood onwards—to prevent family production and family life—for the purposes of control. The population is controlled directly through cloning and other reproductive technologies in addition to birth control.

Agenda 21, Climate Change and Other Abuse

Julian Huxley’s involvement in conservationism and the creation of the World Wildlife Fund [10] is consistent with an effort to monopolize resources. That is exactly what environmentalism is really about. It’s the ultimate feudal system. It’s for control over human society so that the international banks and corporations can manage the planet’s resources through the ultimate private-public partnership created through the United Nations. The Agenda 21 plan was published [16] in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit. Yes, I have read it and am interpreting it based on what I have read. It is a plan to monitor and create an inventory of EVERYTHING. You can see (if you look) the “sustainability” organizations all around you that are implementing it [16].

Agenda 21 went hand in hand with a climate change treaty [16], which is another example of a policy being established by making it a religious doctrine. The most recent climate conference was in November, 2016 in Morocco [16].

It’s all about CONTROL over population and all human activity. The oligarchy is packaging the so-called scientific information about the “climate” in guilt-tripping mind-control psychology and religious terminology that sets up an earth-worship religion that supposedly puts nature above our interests and values (not the elite’s interests), thus demolishing whatever concepts of privacy rights, property rights and individual human value we have been lucky enough to gain throughout all these years of trying to escape abusive, feudal lords. “Abusive” is what I think of when I hear “climate change” threats of alleged catastrophe, carbon taxes and Brave New World policies such as the sexualization of children. It’s the same as all the wars. I think of it in terms of all the potential for abuse of all kinds.

For example, recently, a major high-level U.S. child trafficking scandal has broken called PizzaGate [17].

Many masses of brainwashed propaganda victims out there think what they are presented with is true, but it’s just abuse. On the war side, 9/11 and all those other false flag events, and the stories about torture and detention, and much of the entertainment, it’s all lies and abuse by those in power. On the environmental side, it’s lies and abuse. It’s all about monopoly control of resources and totalitarian power. What do you think the wars are for? People are being used and abused.

Julian Huxley could not have agreed with the blame-human-carbon-emission climate change doctrine because he clearly expressed the view that there are natural cycles of climate change, observed back in his time, and still observed now, of occasionally very cold winters and animal die-offs, caused by regular changes in the sun’s activity, which is likely caused by the interaction of planetary orbits with the sun. See the relevant essay in Man Stands Alone [12]. The Sun and planetary interactions with the Sun over the millenia can possibly lead to all sorts of variations with the Earth’s climate.

Climate change, then called “global warming” was one of the Club of Rome’s stated excuses for uniting the planet by making humanity into an enemy of itself. See The First Global Revolution, page 115, which I’ve quoted here [18].

Climate change doctrine, as with “free trade” agreements, is about monopolists shutting down wealth-generating activities for the majority. It provides a reason for shutting down factories, the coal industry, and jobs, and for making peoples’ lives harder by applying carbon taxes to fuel and everything else they need to survive. Think of all the “anti-poverty” talk by governments being nullified by carbon taxes! But most people just think this is all about good intentions! I would refer you to PizzaGate (above) and many other terrible things, such as human experiments with mind control, syphilis and radiation!

The climate change religion is for control. That’s why the drugs are promoted by people like Aldous Huxley and McKenna. Control. That’s what they see as the purpose of religion–even if it’s Julian Huxley’s humanism or transhumanism. That’s also the purpose of what they call “science,” as Julian Huxley repeatedly states in another essay in Man Stands Alone. He states that science is for both knowledge and control [12].

The story being sold about inevitable human societal evolution—backed by T. H. Huxley’s biological doctrine of evolution–reinforced by hoaxes such as Piltdown Man–and backed by science fiction such as Brave New World—and the science fiction of H. G. Wells, and much of the science fiction that has followed–is a way of trying to justify the imposition of a global Brave New World-style technological dictatorship. This is my interpretation of the basic theme of The Net documentary by Lutz Dammbeck [19], which includes many of the same topics.

All of these celebrities (Huxley brothers, Teilhard de Chardin and McKenna) are the promoters of quasi-religious or quasi-scientific belief systems, whether or not they believe in a spiritual reality. In these examples, we are talking about the promotion of belief systems that relate to the “inevitable” CHANGING of society into a dictatorship–a “better”, more evolved world–without saying it explicitly—through bypassing and diminishing our critical faculties with religious creeds, drugs, technology and propaganda, and through promoting values that diminish our view of human life and the value of others’ lives, and our willingness and capacity to think rationally for ourselves and to make our own decisions.

The technique includes beating us over the head with guilt about how we allegedly misuse the earth’s resources and the effect we have on wildlife—with or without evidence, with or without any right to judge and interfere actually!—and we become the bad and ignorant people who need to pay more taxes to employ more bureaucrats and “scientists” and mercenaries to rule over us and “educate” us about how we don’t need families and freedom of speech and conscience and privacy rights and private property for ourselves, and how we don’t need to protect our cultures, and we don’t need to protect ourselves and family members from predators. Get it? There’s nothing to worry about. Cancer’s normal. Autism is normal. War is normal. The sexualization of children in the fashion industry is normal. You have the “right” to die now. And you’re just a “conspiracy theorist” if you think something’s wrong.

The non-human (the fictional portrayal of the earth to be worshipped) is raised above the human—which corresponds completely with bombing the hell out of innocent people all over the world, and terrorizing them endlessly with mercenaries—and no climate treaty is putting a stop to all of these atrocities–while elevating in our minds the importance of the public-private World State above God Himself. That’s what it’s all about. God has been replaced, and you are to accept your role as a commodity, as a slave of Man with a capital ‘M’, to be modified and groped and disposed of according to some special “values” which slavers and supremacist gangsters have always had for thousands of years.

The methods described in the novel Brave New World, include the use of religion, drugs, sexualization, entertainment, the dumbing down of intellectual capacity via a caste system based on cloning and the selective poisoning of embryos, technology, censorship, mind control, propaganda, slogan repetition, hypnosis, etc.

Religion is not seen by the oligarchs as relating to truth except to the extent that the technology and methods are tested to see if they work on our attitudes and behavior to produce effective results—namely control over everybody and everything.


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At the same Rio Summit in 1992: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

2016 Climate Conference:

The Marrakech Climate Change Conference will convene from 7-18 November 2016, in Marrakech, Morocco. At this session the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the 12th Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 12), and the 1st Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA 1) will take place. . . .

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